Fishing The Midwest’s Bob Jensen – EP003

Fishing The Midwest’s Bob Jensen – EP003

After sipping on their ever-present shiny tumblers (filled with who-knows-what), they buckled down for an exciting conversation with Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Famer Bob Jensen and a little controversy about something in the IGFA’s latest newsletter and social media postings.

The latest International Game Fish Association newsletter showcased four potential world records, including a lunker-eating lunker of a white seabass and the biggest, ugliest, nastiest, most world-record-est snakehead ever caught.  It’s a cool story and an amazing fish (that’s 1.5 pounds bigger than the current record holder), but Kevin wasn’t convinced.  In fact, he didn’t think it was a snakehead at all!  Scott was siding with the IGFA on this one…

Business really picked up when Kevin and Scott introduced Mr. Bob Jensen.  In case you haven’t been fishing in the midwest at any point over the past 35 years…or watched television…or read any angling magazines, you may not know Bob.  He’s been into fishing since he was toddler, and he’s been involved in fishing education, promotion, and communications for over 35 years.  If that isn’t enough, here’s a short-list of his accomplishments:

  • 2017 Inductee into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame
  • Host/producer of Fishing The Midwest for over 25 years
  • Co-author of four walleye technique books with famous angler Gary Roach
  • Published over 1000 times annually in angling publications
  • Accomplished fishing guide, tournament angler, and fishing seminar speaker

Simply stated, he knows his stuff about…a lot of stuff.  During the episode, Bob shared some of the high points of his 35-year career, including TV show watching guests fall in the water, helping baseball great Kent Hrbek land an amazing pike with an even more amazing setup, and catches so big you could barely get them in the boat.  But the best part of the conversation began when all three fishermen kicked back and talked about the species, the techniques, and eccentricities of the regions they fish.  Well, you know how that goes…the stories that get told when a few anglers get together.

Check out Bob’s TV show, Fishing the Midwest.

Check out the snakehead, along with other potential world records, on the International Game Fish Association’s May 31, 2018 edition of Hot Catches.



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