The Legendary Mark Sosin – EP006

The Legendary Mark Sosin – EP006

Mark Sosin. Icon. Legend. IGFA Hall of Famer.  What more is there to say?  Thankfully, there’s A LOT more to say!

Kevin and Scott had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Mark and really dig deep into what made him into the all-time great he is.  Their conversation covered so many topics, from his time in the early ’60s with “The Salty Fly Rodders” and writing the saltwater fly fishing rules in 1965 which are still employed by the IGFA today, to his 27-year run as host of the longest-running fishing television show in history, “Saltwater Journal”.  They also talked about one of those episodes which featured our very own Capt. Kevin Faver…and one of the toughest fights Sosin ever encountered while producing his show (by the way – you don’t want to miss Kevin’s side of the story, either…it was an incredible experience that almost didn’t happen at all!).

Although Mark had plenty to say about a host of things, he was most eager to talk about the International Game Fish Association, including the tremendous honor of being inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2004.  He also spoke at length about his pride in seeing the organization expand its scope to embrace conservation, research initiatives, education, and the growing inclusion of freshwater fish and anglers.

To round out the show, Kevin, Scott, and Chris also talked about some great things happening with the IGFA – the conclusion of their latest online auction and the continuing year-long IGFA Fishing Contest.  They also shared a little preview of their next guest, Fly Rod Chronicles host Curtis Fleming.

Mark Sosin’s IGFA Hall of Fame page –

IGFA Fishing Contest –


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