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Fly Rod Chronicles’ Curtis Fleming – Ep007

Fly Rod Chronicles’ Curtis Fleming – Ep007

Curtis Fleming is quick to call Fly Rod Chronicles “reality fly fishing”, and it makes sense; he isn’t afraid to show the botches and bungles along with those trophy fish moments.  Well, this was definitely a “reality” podcast (since we are all about botches and bungles), and we were so happy to have him on Reelin’ with the IGFA.

Curtis is all about the great state of West Virginia, and was happy to talk about just how beautiful it is.  Forget that old John Denver song; he shared all about the beauty, diversity, and grandeur of the state.  For him, it’s the “best kept secret in the United States”, and it’s the perfect place to raise a family.

When you watch the show, visit his website, interact with him on social media, or talk to him one-on-one (or three-on-one in our case), you won’t get very far without knowing just how important his family is to him.  It was great to hear all the stories he has about his wife Michelle and two daughters, Laken and Autumn.  Interestingly enough, he shared stories about all of them managing to secure a stockpile of IGFA world records…and he himself is still without one!  If you need one reason to listen, you have to hear the story about his wife’s record; it will give you chills and possibly bring a tear to your eye.

The big thing about this episode is the fun everyone had.  Curtis is the kind of guy that makes you feel like a friend from the moment you meet him, and you’ll definitely hear it.  We laughed more in this episode than any other, and we’re betting you’ll be laughing, too.  We do warn you, however – especially those listeners from The Mountain State – there ARE West Virginia jokes in this episode.  But for the record, you can blame Kevin and Scott.  Chris lived in West Virginia for several years, married a Mountaineer, and knows better than to run down “Almost Heaven” (he did slam WVU once, but that doesn’t count, does it?).

One other VERY important note: if you haven’t yet, please listen to our special bonus episode on the Modern Fish Act.  H.R. 200 is a big deal for recreational anglers, and it’s coming up for vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on or near July 11, 2018.  Get the details on the bill and how you can help get it one step closer to becoming a law.

Show links:

Fly Rod Chronicles –

West Virginia Tourism –

Keep America Fishing/Modern Fish Act –


BONUS EPISODE – Modern Fish Act Update

BONUS EPISODE – Modern Fish Act Update

ASA Conservation Director Mike Leonard

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, the U.S. House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on H.R.200, more commonly known as the Modern Fish Act.  Due to necessary action on other issues, they postponed the vote until July 11.  Because of this postponement, we rallied the troops to bring you a special bonus episode dedicated entirely to the Modern Fish Act and what you need to know and do about it.

Mike Leonard, Conservation Director of the American Sportfishing Association joined us to give us an in-depth, but wonderfully understandable description of H.R. 200 and it’s potential impact on recreational fishing in the United States.  It’s a short conversation, but a necessity for all anglers who are interested in protecting recreational fishing.

Here are some points of interests for you regarding the Modern Fish Act:

In summary, H.R. 200 revises and reauthorizes through FY2022 the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA).*  Magnuson-Stevens was signed into law in 1976, and has adversely affected recreational angling for several years.

The Modern Fish Act:

  • Requires periodic reviews of mixed-use fisheries allocations (i.e. those fished by both the commercial and recreational sectors) in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. It’s a no-brainer that the way a public resource is divvied up should be periodically examined, but that is not happening now.
  • Clarifies that regional fishery management councils and NOAA Fisheries can implement management approaches such as harvest rate management that have been used successfully in some regions but that other regions have not even considered.
  • Requires a National Academy of Sciences study of how Limited Access Privilege Programs (conveniently nicknamed “catch share” programs) in mixed-use fisheries could be improved to reduce user conflicts, and places a hold on implementing any new Limited Access Privilege Programs until the study’s results are public.
  • Revises the rebuilding timeline requirement to ensure the timeframes are based on the biology of a depleted fishery, not an arbitrary 10-year rebuilding timeline. Anyone who supports science-based management should prefer this approach.
  • Authorizes the use of multi-year and multi-species annual catch limits, which is simply a codification of recent updates to NOAA Fisheries guidelines.
  • Requires NOAA Fisheries to respond if a state, regional fishery management council or interstate marine fisheries commission objects to an exempted fishing permit providing more clarity to the approval process.
  • Requires a study of how third-party data, such as state-collected data through electronic reporting systems — e.g. iSnapper in Texas, La Creel in Louisiana, Tails ‘n Scales in Mississippi, Outdoor AL in Alabama and iAngler in Florida — could improve fisheries data. For many offshore fisheries, the federal program that estimates angler harvest — the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) — does not provide data at the level of accuracy or timeliness needed for basic management, much less in-season management of various fisheries.
  • Tells NOAA Fisheries to implement the recommendations of the recent National Academy of Sciences review of MRIP and to follow up on key questions raised in the report, for example whether/how management could be better adapted to align with available data.

Jeff Angers, “Modern Fish Act 101”

Since the vote has been postponed until July 11, we encourage all anglers, regardless of where you’re located, to contact your representative and urge them to pass the Modern Fish Act.  As Mike told us, environmentalist groups are lobbying diligently to have this bill voted down.  We need to be heard on this issue!

Keep America Fishing has provided a very helpful page designed to get you in touch with your representative quickly and tell them you want them to pass the Modern Fish Act.

Contact them HERE

Here are some additional links for more information:

“Our Seat at the Table” – from Jeff Angers, president of Center for Sportfishing Policy

“Bill Helps Wisconsin Anglers” – from Paul Schluter, president of St. Croix Rods, courtesy Keep America Fishing

“It’s Time to Pass the Modern Fish Act” – from Wes Seigler, President/Founder of SEiGLER Fishing Reels, courtesy Keep America Fishing


* H.R. 200 — 115th Congress: Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act.” 2017. June 28, 2018 <>

The Legendary Mark Sosin – EP006

The Legendary Mark Sosin – EP006

Mark Sosin. Icon. Legend. IGFA Hall of Famer.  What more is there to say?  Thankfully, there’s A LOT more to say!

Kevin and Scott had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Mark and really dig deep into what made him into the all-time great he is.  Their conversation covered so many topics, from his time in the early ’60s with “The Salty Fly Rodders” and writing the saltwater fly fishing rules in 1965 which are still employed by the IGFA today, to his 27-year run as host of the longest-running fishing television show in history, “Saltwater Journal”.  They also talked about one of those episodes which featured our very own Capt. Kevin Faver…and one of the toughest fights Sosin ever encountered while producing his show (by the way – you don’t want to miss Kevin’s side of the story, either…it was an incredible experience that almost didn’t happen at all!).

Although Mark had plenty to say about a host of things, he was most eager to talk about the International Game Fish Association, including the tremendous honor of being inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2004.  He also spoke at length about his pride in seeing the organization expand its scope to embrace conservation, research initiatives, education, and the growing inclusion of freshwater fish and anglers.

To round out the show, Kevin, Scott, and Chris also talked about some great things happening with the IGFA – the conclusion of their latest online auction and the continuing year-long IGFA Fishing Contest.  They also shared a little preview of their next guest, Fly Rod Chronicles host Curtis Fleming.

Mark Sosin’s IGFA Hall of Fame page –

IGFA Fishing Contest –


We Get REAL with Lew’s CEO Gary Remensnyder

We Get REAL with Lew’s CEO Gary Remensnyder

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! …for all you post-day dads out there.

Before we give you all the info about this episode, we have to beg your forgiveness on something: for two weeks, we promised you some time with Mark Sosin.  Unfortunately, we ran into a technical issue that prevented us from bringing you Mark on this episode.  However, we’ve got good news: we’ll have Mark for you next week, and we have an outstanding show for you right now!

Lew’s Fishing Tackle and Strike King Lures are a couple of the biggest brands in the industry, and we were fortunate enough to have with us Lew’s Holdings Corporation CEO Gary Remensnyder!  Gary has had the opportunity to fish all over the world, and he shares plenty of those stories, along with his excitement for the future of fishing with the next generation.

Gary talked extensively about Lew’s partnership with the Future Fisherman Foundation and the Lew’s High School Product Grant Program.  It’s a product grant initiative designed specifically to provide Lew’s Mach rods and reels at no charge in response to project-based applications as a way to nurture high school sanctioned fishing club activities to the benefit of their members, schools and communities.  The guys then chimed in with their own stories and perspectives on how fishing impacts the lives of young people.

The best part of our conversation was growing to understand how real Gary is; despite having that prestigious title, he’s been a passionate outdoorsman from the very beginning.  Bottom line is this: the next time you’re considering a product from Lew’s or Strike King, you’ll know that, from the very top, the people from these companies LOVE being a part of the fishing industry.

If you’re a gearhead (yeah, we know you are), you’ll definitely want to hear Gary’s rundown on what they’ve got, what they’re developing, and what you can get your hands on – including Blair Wiggins’ signature rods.  But he doesn’t stop there; he gives an expert-level primer on rod mechanics, physics, and how Lew’s builds such great rods!

We wouldn’t be “Reelin’ with the IGFA” if we didn’t highlight one of key components of the International Game Fish Association: conservation.  It’s a big deal for Gary, and he provides his perspective on why its so important.

Lew’s Fishing Tackle:

Strike King Lures:

Future Fisherman Foundation:

International Game Fish Association:

Did Irma Destroy Fishing in the Keys? – EP004

Did Irma Destroy Fishing in the Keys? – EP004

For most anglers, fishing the Florida Keys is a Bucket List proposition.  But when Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida in September of 2017, all of us saw the complete devastation caused by 180-mph (260 km/h) wind gusts and torrent after torrent of rain and immense waves.  We connected with IGFA-certified captain/guide Steven Lamp of Dream Catcher Charters to give us the awful details…and the honest truth about what really happened in Key West, Marathon, Big Pine Key and other notable locations.  Capt. Steven also shared the biggest problem he and his fellow guides faced in the aftermath – and you’ll most likely be surprised to find out.  Finally, he gave us a detailed report of how the fishery has responded in the wake of Irma’s devastation…and if it’s actually still Bucket List-worthy.

We could have hooked up with any number of captains to give a report, but there’s a whole lot more to Capt. Steven than that.  He’s got a great story, and he’s a great storyteller to boot.  From following in his father’s footsteps in offshore diving, to becoming a master spear fisherman, to *almost* forming the Lower Keys Guides Association, he’ll having you laughing, thinking, and getting a little mad, too.  You’ll definitely want to listen to the horrific tale that wound up getting him started in the charter business.  It’s a true story that’s been a nightmare for many an offshore angler – you may wake up in a cold sweat to this one!

After reading Capt. Steven’s bio, Capt. Kevin was quick to mention that could have been twin brothers based on their experiences, including a couple of nasty run-ins with one nasty species of fish.  During the conversation, Kevin referenced an incredibly frightening event that he managed to catch on camera.  It went viral, tallying over 3,000,000 views on YouTube.  Here it is:

During his time with us, Capt. Steven talked also about his relationship with IGFA, and just how great an organization it is.  He’s got a great perspective, and it was perfect timing, since the International Game Fish Association just celebrated its 79th anniversary.  It was an interesting birthday for them, by the way; forget the party – they were busy announcing five initiatives as they approach their 80th Anniversary!  Check out their press release outlining those exciting initiatives HERE.

One warning: there is “singing” in this episode courtesy of Capt. Scott Shank and Chris Wayne, our producer.  You may want to be sure you’re not operating a motor vehicle…

Thanks so much for listening, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast and like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  If you want to say hello, if you have a question, or if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of the program, email us!  We’d love to hear from you.

Fishing The Midwest’s Bob Jensen – EP003

Fishing The Midwest’s Bob Jensen – EP003

After sipping on their ever-present shiny tumblers (filled with who-knows-what), they buckled down for an exciting conversation with Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Famer Bob Jensen and a little controversy about something in the IGFA’s latest newsletter and social media postings.

The latest International Game Fish Association newsletter showcased four potential world records, including a lunker-eating lunker of a white seabass and the biggest, ugliest, nastiest, most world-record-est snakehead ever caught.  It’s a cool story and an amazing fish (that’s 1.5 pounds bigger than the current record holder), but Kevin wasn’t convinced.  In fact, he didn’t think it was a snakehead at all!  Scott was siding with the IGFA on this one…

Business really picked up when Kevin and Scott introduced Mr. Bob Jensen.  In case you haven’t been fishing in the midwest at any point over the past 35 years…or watched television…or read any angling magazines, you may not know Bob.  He’s been into fishing since he was toddler, and he’s been involved in fishing education, promotion, and communications for over 35 years.  If that isn’t enough, here’s a short-list of his accomplishments:

  • 2017 Inductee into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame
  • Host/producer of Fishing The Midwest for over 25 years
  • Co-author of four walleye technique books with famous angler Gary Roach
  • Published over 1000 times annually in angling publications
  • Accomplished fishing guide, tournament angler, and fishing seminar speaker

Simply stated, he knows his stuff about…a lot of stuff.  During the episode, Bob shared some of the high points of his 35-year career, including TV show watching guests fall in the water, helping baseball great Kent Hrbek land an amazing pike with an even more amazing setup, and catches so big you could barely get them in the boat.  But the best part of the conversation began when all three fishermen kicked back and talked about the species, the techniques, and eccentricities of the regions they fish.  Well, you know how that goes…the stories that get told when a few anglers get together.

Check out Bob’s TV show, Fishing the Midwest.

Check out the snakehead, along with other potential world records, on the International Game Fish Association’s May 31, 2018 edition of Hot Catches.



Seriously Funny Fishing w Ed Malin – EP002

Seriously Funny Fishing w Ed Malin – EP002

Fishing is about so much more than just catching fish; it’s the friendships and experiences that make it the best thing to do on the planet.

Some folks may know Ed Malin for being the proprietor of one of the most famous restaurants in northeast Florida, while others may know Ed because of his run for Congress in 2016.  Still others may recognize him for being the first charter captain in northeast Florida to become a member of the International Game Fish Association.  However, no one knows Ed the way Kevin knows Ed; they’ve been great friends for a long, long time, and they have some of the greatest stories you’ll ever hear.


Kevin and Ed definitely have a lot of history together, and that history even includes stories including Kevin’s wife!  During the episode, you’ll get the story behind the photo above; Ed is on the left, Kevin’s wife Carie is on the right, and in the middle is the focus of their INSANE rescue operation.  Why is the story so good?  Wait until you hear about everything in the water surrounding this photo…

This conversation isn’t just about cutting up, however.  Kevin, Scott, and Ed address some serious issues that affect all anglers, regardless of where you can find them on a map.

We’re really excited to be able to bring you into the seriously funny side of Reelin’ with the IGFA this episode!

IGFA President Nehl Horton – EP001

IGFA President Nehl Horton – EP001

For the premiere episode of “Reelin’ with the IGFA”, there was really only one choice for a guest: IGFA President Nehl Horton!

Kevin has been good friends with Nehl for over two decades, so as you can imagine, they had some fond memories to share and good stories to tell.  But for Nehl, this was the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the incredible things the International Game Fish Association is doing all over the world.  If you’re new to the IGFA, this episode is a great place to get great information about an outstanding organization (learn more HERE).

The guys also talked with Nehl about some of the things they’ve seen on the IGFA website, including this fantastic photo of Emily Rose Hanzlik.  She caught and released this largemouth bass while fishing the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area in West Palm Beach, FL back on May 8, 2018.  This is an amazing catch for a couple of reasons: first, that HUGE bass may very well earn Emily a world record – it was 7 pounds, 12 ounces!  Yes, that’s amazing, but the best part is this: Emily is only 13 years old!  Kevin, Scott, and Nehl took a moment to really emphasize how important it is for all of us to introduce the next generation to the outdoors in general and fishing in particular.  Kevin found Emily’s photo, and the story to go with it, HERE in the IGFA Photo Gallery of “Hot Catches – May 17, 2018.  Definitely check it out, and see what crazy-looking fish showed up in Iceland!

Nehl also shared a bit about an exciting IGFA initiative called the Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund (WARF).  According to…

Anywhere in the world, on any day, at any time, a thriving recreational fishery can become a wasteland in a matter of hours in a major natural disaster. And the people who often create those recreational fisheries — the captains, guides, crews and outfitters who depend on recreational fishing for their livelihoods— often find themselves in the center of the storm.

To address the impacts of recent disasters and be better prepared to respond to future catastrophes, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has created the Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund (WARF).

It’s a tremendous cause, and if you’d like to become a part of it, click HERE for more information and a chance to give.

The guys didn’t just talk to Nehl.  Be sure to check out the great story from Kevin about landing his first sailfish of the season, and get a little background on both Kevin and Scott, too.

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Reelin’ Introduction

Reelin’ Introduction

Welcome to the Reelin’ podcast preview!  In this pre-launch episode, Captain Kevin Faver takes a minute or two to say hello and give you a little insight into what you can expect every week when you go Reelin’ with us.

Special thanks to everyone at the International Game Fish Association who have teamed up with us to bring you this podcast!