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Why Isn’t Blair Wiggins Fishing? – EP014

Why Isn’t Blair Wiggins Fishing? – EP014

For nearly two decades, Blair Wiggins has brought fishing to audiences across the United States with his hit show “Addictive Fishing”.  But even though Season 19 is upon us, Blair ISN’T fishing.  Why, you ask?  Well, we’ll let him tell you all about it.

During our conversation with Blair, he shared quite a bit of interesting stuff with us; how Addictive Fishing got it’s start, what it was originally intended to do, and how it all changed in its first season.  He also talked about where it’s going – pretty exciting stuff for Blair…and for us as fans, too.

We also got to talk with him about his brand new, award-winning M2 Signature rods from Lew’s.  He goes in-depth about his needs, wants, and specifications and how Lew’s worked it all out in the design, including the fantastic innovation Blair’s been dying to get on a signature rod for a long time.

Aside from Blair, the three of us “kicked around” the merits of Huk’s latest product, the “Attack” Water Shoe.  Could it be the footwear Kevin and Scott have been searching for? Here’s their new Attack Saltwater commercial that got the talk going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feSxTdBA3F8

Kevin brought up our last episode, which featured renaissance man Alberto Rey.  It was a great conversation, and if you missed it last week, you should check it out now.  It was great stuff (as Kevin likes to say), but one of the best aspects of our talk was the information Alberto shared about “Children in the Stream”, his non-profit organization specializing in the introduction of fly fishing to disadvantaged children.  We discussed the connection between children and fishing again this week, and it was a good talk.

We also shared two more IGFA Certified World Records:

  • Brooke Laws (New Zealand) – Smallfry – Squirefish – 20lb 2oz
  • Gary Carter (Angola) – 6lb test – Atlantic Sailfish – 103lb 7oz

Finally, we talked about our favorite website, AnglerHQ.com and a fantastic barracuda video.  Check that out here: https://www.anglerhq.com/lawson-lindsey-unbelievable-river-monster/

Did Irma Destroy Fishing in the Keys? – EP004

Did Irma Destroy Fishing in the Keys? – EP004

For most anglers, fishing the Florida Keys is a Bucket List proposition.  But when Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida in September of 2017, all of us saw the complete devastation caused by 180-mph (260 km/h) wind gusts and torrent after torrent of rain and immense waves.  We connected with IGFA-certified captain/guide Steven Lamp of Dream Catcher Charters to give us the awful details…and the honest truth about what really happened in Key West, Marathon, Big Pine Key and other notable locations.  Capt. Steven also shared the biggest problem he and his fellow guides faced in the aftermath – and you’ll most likely be surprised to find out.  Finally, he gave us a detailed report of how the fishery has responded in the wake of Irma’s devastation…and if it’s actually still Bucket List-worthy.

We could have hooked up with any number of captains to give a report, but there’s a whole lot more to Capt. Steven than that.  He’s got a great story, and he’s a great storyteller to boot.  From following in his father’s footsteps in offshore diving, to becoming a master spear fisherman, to *almost* forming the Lower Keys Guides Association, he’ll having you laughing, thinking, and getting a little mad, too.  You’ll definitely want to listen to the horrific tale that wound up getting him started in the charter business.  It’s a true story that’s been a nightmare for many an offshore angler – you may wake up in a cold sweat to this one!

After reading Capt. Steven’s bio, Capt. Kevin was quick to mention that could have been twin brothers based on their experiences, including a couple of nasty run-ins with one nasty species of fish.  During the conversation, Kevin referenced an incredibly frightening event that he managed to catch on camera.  It went viral, tallying over 3,000,000 views on YouTube.  Here it is:

During his time with us, Capt. Steven talked also about his relationship with IGFA, and just how great an organization it is.  He’s got a great perspective, and it was perfect timing, since the International Game Fish Association just celebrated its 79th anniversary.  It was an interesting birthday for them, by the way; forget the party – they were busy announcing five initiatives as they approach their 80th Anniversary!  Check out their press release outlining those exciting initiatives HERE.

One warning: there is “singing” in this episode courtesy of Capt. Scott Shank and Chris Wayne, our producer.  You may want to be sure you’re not operating a motor vehicle…

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