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Why Isn’t Blair Wiggins Fishing? – EP014

Why Isn’t Blair Wiggins Fishing? – EP014

For nearly two decades, Blair Wiggins has brought fishing to audiences across the United States with his hit show “Addictive Fishing”.  But even though Season 19 is upon us, Blair ISN’T fishing.  Why, you ask?  Well, we’ll let him tell you all about it.

During our conversation with Blair, he shared quite a bit of interesting stuff with us; how Addictive Fishing got it’s start, what it was originally intended to do, and how it all changed in its first season.  He also talked about where it’s going – pretty exciting stuff for Blair…and for us as fans, too.

We also got to talk with him about his brand new, award-winning M2 Signature rods from Lew’s.  He goes in-depth about his needs, wants, and specifications and how Lew’s worked it all out in the design, including the fantastic innovation Blair’s been dying to get on a signature rod for a long time.

Aside from Blair, the three of us “kicked around” the merits of Huk’s latest product, the “Attack” Water Shoe.  Could it be the footwear Kevin and Scott have been searching for? Here’s their new Attack Saltwater commercial that got the talk going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feSxTdBA3F8

Kevin brought up our last episode, which featured renaissance man Alberto Rey.  It was a great conversation, and if you missed it last week, you should check it out now.  It was great stuff (as Kevin likes to say), but one of the best aspects of our talk was the information Alberto shared about “Children in the Stream”, his non-profit organization specializing in the introduction of fly fishing to disadvantaged children.  We discussed the connection between children and fishing again this week, and it was a good talk.

We also shared two more IGFA Certified World Records:

  • Brooke Laws (New Zealand) – Smallfry – Squirefish – 20lb 2oz
  • Gary Carter (Angola) – 6lb test – Atlantic Sailfish – 103lb 7oz

Finally, we talked about our favorite website, AnglerHQ.com and a fantastic barracuda video.  Check that out here: https://www.anglerhq.com/lawson-lindsey-unbelievable-river-monster/

The HOTTEST Thing at ICAST 2018

The HOTTEST Thing at ICAST 2018

Welcome to ICAST, the biggest product show in the fishing industry.  It draws every manufacturer, from the largest heritage brands to the smallest, newest, one-man-show start-ups.  It draws every retailer and wholesaler, and scores of media members looking to get the latest scoop on the greatest gear.  In every aisle, you’ll see TV personalities and tournament legends.  For anyone connected to the fishing industry, it is the place to be and a dreamland for consumers.

And we were there.

Pretty cool that a podcast, just a few months old, would be able to get into the biggest angling circus on the planet, but we made it, and we promptly inserted ourselves into every conversation we could, snooped around every booth we could, and tried to dig up every bit of inside information possible so we could share it with you.

First, we caught up with Addictive Fishing’s Blair Wiggins, who has teamed up with Lew’s to create their latest ICAST award-winning rod, the M2.  He told us about the revolutionary American Tackle Wave Guide system he’s now using to get more control and distance on every one of his casts.  It all sounded like a bunch of crazy science…until he compared it to a Zebco 202!  He also shared some bad news about his truck, and gave us the lowdown on our very own Scott Shank.  Scotty’s been working with Blair and Lew’s on the development of the M2s, so The Mogan Man has gotten to know Mr. Shank quite well.  Funny that an icon like him would come to the same conclusions we have about Scotty…

Now if you’re not an Aussie, you may not have heard of Paul Worsterling and “IFISH with Tackleworld”, his landmark television show.  He’s a character, great guy, and an outstanding angler…and he was also at ICAST.  Turns out he was streaming live on Instagram when Chris hopped on to share some pics.  Chris checked in, saw where he was, and began running over attendees to chase him down!  After a monstrous haul across the South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center, Chris caught up with Paul and his family – and promptly butted right into his live streaming event and interviewed him for our podcast!  Yep – an interview recorded during a live stream.  Only in America…

And ONLY in America can a guy find himself in the presence of a icon he’s watched – and cheered for – for decades with the opportunity to interview him.  Scotty was that guy at ICAST, and Bassmaster legend Gary Klein was that icon.  You know things are going to be interesting when the interviewer starts with “I’m…I’m…I’m speechless!” lol  Anyway, Gary was kind, courteous, and on the money in the short time he was with us.  He shared his perspective on the great aspects of IGFA, and how excited he is to see the industry’s involvement in the next generation of anglers.

Gary wasn’t the only one to be excited about the youth movement happening in the fishing industry.  We were so happy to see so many high school and middle school fishing teams strolling the aisles and checking out the displays with stars in their eyes!  We stopped these gentlemen – the Bartow High School Bass Fishing Team – and had a great conversation with them.  They’re 30 members strong, and several former teammates have gone on to earn college scholarships and compete at the next level.  If you’re at all worried about fishing when it comes to the next generation, you need to listen to these young men.  They’ll put you at ease in a hurry.

And if you listen and you’re still not convinced that the youth movement is strong as ever, our final interview will definitely convince you.  We caught up with the Okeechobee High School Bass Club as they were huddled around one of their heroes, “Big Fish” Bobby Lane.  We talked with Bobby, and he shared his excitement for the next generation and how much he wants to help them learn to do what he loves to do, thereby perpetuating professional and recreational fishing.

The bottom line is this: we saw a lot of great products at ICAST, but there is no doubt that the hottest thing going was the passion of the youth propelling fishing and the angling industry into the future.

We Get REAL with Lew’s CEO Gary Remensnyder

We Get REAL with Lew’s CEO Gary Remensnyder

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! …for all you post-day dads out there.

Before we give you all the info about this episode, we have to beg your forgiveness on something: for two weeks, we promised you some time with Mark Sosin.  Unfortunately, we ran into a technical issue that prevented us from bringing you Mark on this episode.  However, we’ve got good news: we’ll have Mark for you next week, and we have an outstanding show for you right now!

Lew’s Fishing Tackle and Strike King Lures are a couple of the biggest brands in the industry, and we were fortunate enough to have with us Lew’s Holdings Corporation CEO Gary Remensnyder!  Gary has had the opportunity to fish all over the world, and he shares plenty of those stories, along with his excitement for the future of fishing with the next generation.

Gary talked extensively about Lew’s partnership with the Future Fisherman Foundation and the Lew’s High School Product Grant Program.  It’s a product grant initiative designed specifically to provide Lew’s Mach rods and reels at no charge in response to project-based applications as a way to nurture high school sanctioned fishing club activities to the benefit of their members, schools and communities.  The guys then chimed in with their own stories and perspectives on how fishing impacts the lives of young people.

The best part of our conversation was growing to understand how real Gary is; despite having that prestigious title, he’s been a passionate outdoorsman from the very beginning.  Bottom line is this: the next time you’re considering a product from Lew’s or Strike King, you’ll know that, from the very top, the people from these companies LOVE being a part of the fishing industry.

If you’re a gearhead (yeah, we know you are), you’ll definitely want to hear Gary’s rundown on what they’ve got, what they’re developing, and what you can get your hands on – including Blair Wiggins’ signature rods.  But he doesn’t stop there; he gives an expert-level primer on rod mechanics, physics, and how Lew’s builds such great rods!

We wouldn’t be “Reelin’ with the IGFA” if we didn’t highlight one of key components of the International Game Fish Association: conservation.  It’s a big deal for Gary, and he provides his perspective on why its so important.

Lew’s Fishing Tackle: https://www.lews.com/

Strike King Lures: http://www.strikeking.com/

Future Fisherman Foundation: http://www.futurefisherman.org/lews-high-school-mach-fishing-program/

International Game Fish Association: http://www.igfa.org/